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For sale is one set of window and lock switches for any 96-99 Taurus / Sable / SHO. They are all lit neon blue, and they are BRIGHT. You will receive:

1 Master Window Switch
3 Passenger Window Switches
2 Lock Switches

The old switches must be returned. As a result, there is a core charge.

The cost is $65.00 shipped in the US. You pay return shipping. The core charge is $45.

So to explain....you send $110, and once the old switches are returned, I will send the $45 back.


Send me your set to be modified, avoiding a core charge.


You may purchase a set to send to me, avoiding the core charge.

I can also do other colors at additional cost, PM for details.

I do warranty these for 1 year. I’m not a business, but have been around the site for some time now, and many will vouch for me. You can also check my feedback in the feedback forum.

Brad :)

P.S. there is a picture below....please click on the picture to enlarge it....much better resolution!


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