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Blue Fog Lights

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i was thinking of spicing up my lighting by putting some fogs into my bull. my idea was to swap out the grill with my own fabricated one and putting the lights behind the grill for a cool look. what do y'all think? good idea or not?
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Originally posted by godspunk32@Apr 26 2004, 01:40 PM
It sounds like a good idea, and would look cool if done correctly, but they wouldn't really be fog lights then. Fog lights are close to the ground so as to undercut the fog. If they were that high, they would be driving lights, and would give you no better visibility in foggy conditions. It is a great idea, but if you're looking for fog's, you'd be better off buying a set and mounting them in the brake vent ducts on your bumper cover...

yah, totally true about the real fogs. wasn't gonna go with actual working fogs though, i'm just goin for the aesthetic look for now. not too much fog here in the state of NE anyway so i'll be fine.
just so u know, its not about the legality of it man
i'm goin for looks, not usage. i'm not gonna be driving down the road with them on. its all for SHO
*sorry for the pun*
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speaking of which, anyone have any recommendations on some cool fog lights that they know of?
*pahhh* such negativity.... lol, no probs peoples, your opinions are fine, no need to get defensive. i agree with u, but i'm just saying for the majority of the time, these lights won't be on, so there shouldn't be any worries on getting ticketed. i'm goin for the "cool" factor. i'm thinking about making this car look close to original as i can from the outside and then spring stuff up that people will be surprised are there that they might not have noticed. *stealthy*
lol, anyways, just tryin to give the ol bull some extra flair that people dont want to see...
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Originally posted by HenrySel+Apr 30 2004, 10:52 AM-->QUOTE (HenrySel @ Apr 30 2004, 10:52 AM)
@Apr 30 2004, 07:54 AM
i agree with u, but i'm just saying for the majority of the time, these lights won't be on, so there shouldn't be any worries on getting ticketed.
I think someone else agreed with me that just having blue lights on the car is enough to get ticketed, doesn't matter if they're on or not. Just fair warning.[/b]
shoot, my apologies, i was explaining myself wrong... what i was referring to was the regular white fog lights with the blue tint *such as godspunk32 was talking about* i shouldn't have any problems with those on the car, with the kind of install i want to put them in.
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Originally posted by RAMdrd@Apr 30 2004, 03:32 PM
godspunk covered the functionality (or lack of it) and everybody else covered the legality.

Since you're mounting them higher, into the grill, why not get some driving lights then. They would look pretty much alike, but have some usefulness.

They wouldn't really affect the look you're going after.
ok, i don't think i am saying the right things here... the blue fog lights i want mounted in my grill are not going to be used for actual fog lights... they will be mounted there for only one reason, "looks" they won't be functioning as lighting for any sort of driving.... this is all for pleasing my unnecessary aesthetic tastes. :p and as much as some of you dislike the idea.... lol, i say POSH!!!! but thanks for all the great advice.... I LOVE TCCA~!!!
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