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My AC blower fan went dead the other day. had no power at the motor and the fuses were good. Finally tracked it down to the socket on the blower
relay in the under the hood fuse box. It had definitely overheated on
one of the high current terminals at one time. I did a temporary unorthodox
repair, and used my portable steam cleaner to clean the corrosion off
the spade terminal block, and swapped the relay with another one close by. That got me back on line for now.

But the terminal was wounded, and its going to fail again eventually.

So, the choices are replace the female spade terminal somehow in the fuse box, or wire in a pigtail fuse holder to bypass it.

I don't know if its even possible to replace a spade terminal in the fuse
box. I was thinking at the next trip to the upull yard, to do experimental
surgery on a junkers fuse box to see if i could get it apart and not destroy
it to replace the terminal.

Anybody tried this kind of repair before?
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