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Black Rims For Gen4?

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OK, daddy needs new tires, so hell, why not do the rims too since I got factory steel rims.
So, anyone know a good source for black rims. I don't want no fancy stuff, just light(er) black rims for my bull.
I am in Chicago, but would prefer to get them online instead of any of those shops I have been to.
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Try www.tire.com or www.discounttire.com

I had some Gen 3 rims powder coated black for winter.


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NICE! Exactly what I am looking for. How expensive is powdercoating? When you get your wheels balanced, does the powder coat get easily scratched?
I think they cost $40 a wheel. These are over the chrome rims and they will flake. If you have a good base the powder coat should stick. Insist they put the weights on the back.

BTW I got these done at Performance Powder Coating in Naperville.
SHO123, that looks pretty good. I think a nice tint will go well with those. :cool:
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