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Yea, I had centennial for a while. With the reflector being chrome you'll get some stray light coming off the reflector. Since I finally got the time I did mine all black (black reflector, black bezel in front of reflector, and kept the signal spot chrome), came out looking better since my shroud is the same color as my car and eliminated that residual light above the cutoff.

I would go centennial, the all black look, I don't think looks as great as I once thought; though going flat black or chrome black is up to you, the chrome black is something you don't see to often though. For my paint I used the engine enamel on the reflector since I'm using 55w, it gets pretty hot (around 220 degrees) and the engine enamel says it can withstand 500 degrees so I figured why not use it?

FYI I just prefer the no light above the cutoff, it DOES in fact help light up over head signs, but b/c I have that double cutoff thing going on it's not an issue for me. It's really just preference.
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