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Black 1989 Taurus Sho In Ma ( Look! )

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1989 Ford Taurus SHO: High-output 220HP 3.0 DOHC Yamaha V6 engine with 5-speed transmission. Newer black paint and tan 50/50 leather/cloth interior. Power windows, locks, moonroof, keyless entry.
SVO Rod shifter conversion, PowerBulge factory fiberglass hood, K&N air filter, rear spoiler added, & all Ford emblems removed from the car when it was painted. Yamaha badge on grill.

Lots of work done in the past year.
Too many new parts to list. Over $4000 invested in the past year alone. Very quick car for the year and mileage. Car does have 162,000 miles, but the SHO has been known to run for a long time with the proper maintenance(250k is normal

18x8" American Racing Vortec rims with worn 235/40/18 ZR Falken tires and basketweaves with 215/60/15 winter only tires.

Car is located in Bellingham, MA.
Comes with a spare motor and lots of extra parts I have in the garage.
Looking to get $1950 for the car and all extra parts.
18" rims available separately for $400.

Email me at [email protected] for pictures.
Need money and can't afford to keep all 3 vehicles on the road.

Also, new pictures can be seen at my PhotoIsland account.

Log-in = Jayshoguy
Password= shoforsale

Pics can be seen at Link to SHOforum and my For Sale ad.
or, scroll down in this thread
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Have you done any suspension work to it? Also, were there any clearnance issues with the 18s like, did you have any scrubbing with the 235/40/18s with weight in the car? Thanks

James E.
[email protected]
Heh. Guess I should have added the work I have done to it...

This is most of the ad I have posted at SHOforum...
And, to answer your question, James...I had to roll the left rear lip 1/4" . No more rubbing and they clear the struts just fine.

List of parts replaced within the last 10k miles:

Batt. terminals
Upper radiator hose
Crank Position sensor
Front main seal
Timing belt
Acc. belts
Motorcraft sparkplugs
KYB rear struts
Moog Cargo coils
Moog strut mounts
TPR bushings in rear suspension(most)
Rear Sway bar endlinks
Inner and Outer rear wheel bearings
Remanufactured rear calipers
New rear rotors
New rear pads
New e-brake cables
Single DTM sytle muffler, mounted upside down. Only visible part is the outlets, which face down and outward.

Car comes with the plastic Bulge hood from a '91, SVO Rod Shifter Conversion, K&N panel filter(outer air box removed), and 15" Basketweave rims with 215/60/15 winter tires and 16" slicers with tires.


1. Car uses some oil. Not sure if it is burning
it, leaking it, or what. Good for 1qt= 750
2. Blend door needs to be replaced.
3. Air conditioning does not work(disconnected).
4. Dashboard is cracked in several small spots.
5. The rust repair is starting to show on the
right rear quarter, under the gas filler.

Other Stuff:

162,000 miles. Power windows, locks, moonrooof, keyless entry. Pioneer AM/FM/tape player hooked up to factory amps.

Not installed:

Used stock y-pipe with 70k miles.
Motorcraft spark plug wires.
Eibach lowering springs and KYB struts for the front only.

Not included!
The Police grille does not come with the car.

You can have all of the spare parts in my garage as well, which include; various sensors, a used 3.0L motor(partially stripped), valve covers, used front struts & springs, starter, etc.

Asking $1950 for the car plus all of the spare parts in my garage.

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Don't know if I can keep this listed here, but I'll give it a go

Price is down to $1950. All spare parts are included.
18's are $400.

Link to new pictures (just taken on 4-10-04) right here:


Log-in= Jayshoguy
Password= shoforsale
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BTT. This car needs a new home.
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why r u selling it. have it parked if you cant keep it registered.
registered? is that so exp?
im in tx looks like a nice deal can you email me pics?
Originally posted by sundarpn@Apr 16 2004, 01:24 PM
why r u selling it. have it parked if you cant keep it registered.
registered? is that so exp?
Registration is cheap. Keeping it insured is not.

Pics can be found at the PhotoIsland account.
So your selling it for insurance reasons or are you just moving on to something new?
Originally posted by Cyrix142@Apr 20 2004, 10:06 AM
So your selling it for insurance reasons or are you just moving on to something new?
So your selling it for insurance reasons or are you just moving on to something new?[/b]

I'm selling it strictly for insurance reasons. I have 2 other vehicles that I pay insurance on. Right now, the SHO is just taking up space and money...things I need right now.
Ok. Final price on this car...

$1950 for the car with basketweaves/ winter tires and 16" Slicers.

$2300 with the 18" Ar rims.

All parts still go with the car.

Again, I prefer someone somewhat local to MA.

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Rims available for $400 separately.
Car is sold. New owner took delivery on 5-17-04. I almost cried when I saw it drive away :(.
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