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Battery Size

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I am in need of a new battery for my GenIII duratec but I don't know the size that I need or anything else for that matter about it, I was hoping that you guys could guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance
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just take it out and take it with you to an auto parts. Most people who work at auto parts stores will know the size you need. When i went auto zone to buy mine i pick up the wrong one. The guy checks his computer database and tells me what i need. just ask someone where you plan on buying it.
I bought mine at costco. Problem is they don't offer an exact replacement for a GenIII so I had to modify the cover and flip the cables. But I got like 40 more cranking amps and they are the same dimensions.
Go to Wal-Mart or and Get an Everstart or Everstart Maxx, or go to Sears and Get a Diehard Series. They last a long time and both are made by Johnson Controls.

You can also get a larger CCA size with both of them.
just go to wal mart ... they can match ya up, and dispose of the old one i believe... and on another note, since its winter out, if it gets cold by you very often, a lot of cranking amps can help start a car in the winter!
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Thanks for the advice guys.
They do make an exact replacement for the gen 3 it's called an Interstate MT-58R

the "R" stands for reversed terminals.
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