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Good trouble shooting checks.

Check the serp belt back side physical condition & it's tension, by looking at the tension range marks on the tensioner arm, to make sure it's indicating that belt tightness is within range.

If the back side of the belt is missing chunks of rubber, or it's tension isn't in spec, the belt could be slipping on the alternator when it's under load, or the engine is reving, or if the belt s wet.
Make sure there isn't any oil or coolant dripping on the belt or a pully.

If all thats ok, check the electrical connections at the battery & alternator, they should be clean, bright & tight.

If thats ok, check the battery to engine & body ground points, they too must be clean bright & tight.

If all thats ok, maybe consider running this puppy by your favorite autoparts store, for a no cost, in vehicle, electrical system check up, via their portable electrical system tester.

Expertly used, it can properly load test the alternator for a slipping belt, weak or shorted diodes, the battery for weak, leaky, or shorted cells, the battery cables & their connections for under load voltage drop & will likely be able to pinpoint the problem.

Some thoughts for consideration, let us know what you find.
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