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Fuse #33 15A Hazard flasher, Cluster power, ICP power, EATC.

Battery was draining overnight. Jumped it, started easy, alternator OK, charged battery to 12.67 volts. Unhooked positive terminal, battery OK for hours. Hooked on positive terminal, battery drained to 10.67 volts overnight. Unhooked positive teminal and put digital multimeter between battery and positive terminal to measure current draw. After an initial 1.6 Amps for about 3o seconds, fell to 0.33 Amps (with doors closed). Pulled out the dome light bulb to kills its current draw when doors were open. Tracked down the current draw to fuse #33, which when pulled took the 0.33 Amp draw down to 0.01 Amp, well within the "no problem" zone of less than 0.05 Amps.

Any clue what's causing the current draw?


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Welcome to TCCA! Along with mistakenly posting a repair question in the intro forum you also neglected to include any vehicle info. Please add it when you create your repair post in the appropriate forum.

PS; If you have a tape player in your ICP that's most likely the problem.
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