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No pics until I can retake mine they came out horrible.

Step one Remove Spindle nut marked in blue on one of the pics. and caliper. hang caliper with a wire on strut

Press spindle in with a hub removal tool until it is loose.

Step two remove strut/knuckle bolt.

Step three remove pin and nut for ball joint

step four remove brake like holder that is attached to strut

step five use pitman arm puller to break the ball joint from the control arm

step six hammer on knuckle in a safe spot to raise it up strut

step seven apply some force downward on control arm I stood on it. when the bolt head clears the control arm push it forward and slowely let the control arm raise back up

step eight remove castle and pin from tierod and use pitman arm puller to pop it out of the knuckle carefully unless you need a new one.

nine knock knuckle back down strut slowely and have some one remove it from spindle

ten remove snap ring press out ball joint either in a press or someone strong to hold knuckle.

eleven press in new ball joint install snap ring

the rest is just reverse of installation
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