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Bad Wiring On Fog Lights?

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I installed a pair of Cyber White fog lights last december.
In january i left them on and fried the passenger side bulb and the fuse so, I bought a new pair of bulbs and replaced them both along with the fuse. Now, the passenger side bulb is out again. Any suggestions?
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check your ground wire and make sure you have a solid ground. Best would be to run the ground wire to the battery, negative terminal on the power distribution block, or the alternator. The chassis is a poor ground.
I've got the ground hooked up to the same ground as the battery, right in the front. Water might be getting in there. There's a small drain hole slot on the bottom of the lens. I could just turn the whole thing upside down and mount it that way.
vibration will cause the bulbls to go bad really quickly. are the brackets nice and secure? I had similar fog lamps on an old accord, and the bulbs burnt out pretty quickly.
I found out what was happening, the light was getting hot and it melted the insulation around the wires. So, i'm going to replace it with some high temp wire with some fiber insulation. Later on i'll put a little silicone on to seal it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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