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Bad Shocks?

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At my school, there's this huge speed bump that goes the entire width of the parking lot. Ever since I had my Sable, I had to go over it slow (like about 5 MPH) I bottom out something (I hear scraping and banging sounds). When I had my old Lancer, I'd have to be going like 10-15 MPH to acheive the same results. And this only worsens when I have passesngers in the car. I have to go as fast as a snail to avoid the scraping and banging. I could live with it, but I'm curious if my shocks are worn. And would this have caused my exhaust leak?
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More likely you have sagging, worn out springs. I doubt there is any connection to your exhaust leak.
Ok, will that be expensive to replace? Oh, I think I phrased the exhaust leak wrong. I ment could all that banging and scraping over that speed bump knock it loose?
Try to cross that ditch at an angle, like 45°, don't cross it at 90°. IF there is room to drive at an angle.


Ok the taurus/sable is known for its sag. (damnit :angry: )

ONE - go to each corner of the car, push down on the corner hard and fast, and once you stop doing this, the car should rebound to normal right away. ONE bounce is OK. (push, car goes down, car goes up, and goes back to normal)
If it KEEPS bouncing, those shocks are worn.

The BULL has 4 wheel struts, and you CAN replace the struts yourself, but borrow a strut spring compressor from AUTO ZONE or buy the tool yourself. NEVER loosen the main strut bolt at the top to just let the thing loose!
1) it will come off violently, causeing you to loose parts and serious injury when the thing disconnects.
2) Even if you manage to get it apart without injury and just let the spring uncoil, there is no way you will get it back together.

If you remove the front struts and replace the shocks, you will have to get the car realigned. this is $50 something. It is not something you can guess or do yourself (the realignment) so you get it reassembled, front struts on, and the car will handle REAL crappy until the realignment.

If you do all this, maybe wait until time for new tires, some shops will not do an alignment without you buying new tires.
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for a shop to do this same work (replace shocks) will prolly cost a good $50 labor for each strut. I say tackle the job yourself, but DON'T do it without a spring compressor. the spring compressor is like this huge screw thing with tabs to grab the coils, a simple tool really....
Wat do you mean the sprint will Unwind & you can assemble it back.?

Eventually after getting the strut spring assy out, we have to loosen the nut on the strut to get the spring out...
ah.. and if we make the positions of all the nuts before removing them and put everything back to that position....after putting the strut back.. will it still require realignment??

and one more Q. When replacing stock struts.. how do we know ho wmuch to compress the spring on the strut??... is there like a stop or something till which we have to tighten the nut??
I can't cross the speed bump at a 45 degree angle. It runs perpendicular to the parking isles.

I got a soda can and put it under the car at the lowest point and the soda can's top is barely touching the subfame. :ph34r:
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