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Hello, I am sorry to post this here but I am not sure where to post it. I did try to search but there were a few topics that really did not cover the issue that I am having.

My car:
1995 Ford Taurus SE
With automatic 3.8L V6
Has a factory spoiler & real nice interior
Just rolled to 170,000
Alum. Wheels

I recently had a problem where the car was not getting great gas milage, and then the car did not have any horsepower. So I figured it was time for a tune up. MPG average was about 19 before tune up. My uncle was the previous owner he said on the highway he averaged about 27mpg. We used to get this but it has dropped

Things I have done:
New Inline fuel filter
New dist. cap & rotator
New Spark Plugs & New Wires

(all maintenance have been done just the last few days)
Oil change < then 150 miles ago.

On 01/14/09 went on a test drive,
It was cold here in oklahoma, (battery tests good but may need to be replaced)
Let the car run for just 5 minutes and then took off drove right at 170 miles on 10 gallons of preium fuel.
Car does have a check engine light that came on on the way back, (have not ran the code on it yet)
Car is running great but getting really bad gas milage. Any ideas on what else I need to do to improve MPG.
I drive real easy on the pedal, slow to take off, use cruise control, & cruise about 60-65MPH

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1. Run a good fuel system cleaner thru it like Gumout Regane, Chevron Techron, Redline or Amsoil fuel cleaners.
2. Replace the O2 sensors.
3. Change the PCV valve
4. Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor and Throttlebody.

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I can floor it from every stop sign in town and mix it with some highway and still get 21mpg. If the check engine light is for EGR, that would definately be the problem.
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