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Background: 1998 Taurus Duratec AX4N blew up at 112.5k. Well, not catastrophic but the T/C engages and stays engage above 1250rpms, regardless of gear selection, labored and delayed 1-2 shift, over-revved 1-2 shift (Had it up to 7K on the tach before it shifted, 6827RPM scangauge confirmed) and delayed drive engagement. Randomly on the 1-2 shift, the car will shift from 1st to neutral and free-rev until the car slows back down again. Limping it down the road in the gravel for a few hundred feet usually fixes it.

Question: What is the latest year AX4N/4F50N I can possibly stick in this car. I've heard everything from only a 98-99 AX4N with OD off button only to 98-05 will work.

What is the range of transmissions that I can swap into the Taurus. I know it has to have the 3.98 final drive and be at least 98+
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