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Awesome Gauge Faces!

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I could probably scan some gauges for yall i got nothing bettter to do, Ill do it when i get the car back from the shop
that is easy, not worth $50
all u need is photoshop, gauge face scans, and a decent printer
there are steps online somewhere how to do those, and u have to take off the black stuff u have on the gauges currently, and that paper goes in place. simple
I know, mario.. but the material he is using is cool. Plus I dont have the means to do anything like that.

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maybe im missing something, but it just looks like paper to me, and i can get many diff sorts of paper
im pretty sure its plastic, not paper. i've seen some on the web for a while, they sell them with the glow needles, and those are plastic. still i dont think its worth it. i prefer my $20 reverse glow gauges
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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