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I ordered an "Autotap" from www.autotap.com I was curious if anyone had used this before or had any positive or negative feedback about it? Thanks
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It's decent. The enhanced version is better though, as it has access to a lot more parameters. You are still limited by the serial connection (and the mroe parameters you try to log the slower it gets) and the fact that it can't read load of over 100% and stuff like that though...but there aren't any *great* logging pieces of equipment available to the general public so.. I think i's OK

It does let you scan and clear codes.
americanmotorsport, I was intending on using this for awhile ( I got the Ford upgrade software too) then getting a tuner from you so I can tune and see what effects take place. I figured I would use this and learn how to use it first to get a grasp on things. Do you think this is a good idea?

*edit* -s
You would be able to see that timing is advanced, but that is about it. It won't tell you much else for purposes of this. But it is not a bad thing to have...it will help you troubleshoot and diagnose if you ever need to, as well as read codes, but the Mictrotuner will also read and clear codes so...

Also, it' s American MotorSport, no "s" at the end.
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American Motorsport, Your micro tuner does it have to be plugged in to the OBD II plug during operation of the vehicle or is it just when tuning or updating?

I received the Autotap 2 days ago and I am overwhelmed with the features, Tranny Oil temperatures, Coolant temps, Gas level, Pulse of the fuel injectors, Torque at the Torque converter etc... Over 100 things that can be observed.

Does anyone else out there have one so we can compare some temperatures, and various other things?

I think this was definately worth the price and is a good starting point for LEARNING to tune (although it is not a tuner, but coupled with one it could be an outstanding duo) and understand your vehicle.
It only need be plugged in when flashing or when reading codes (yes, it can also read OBDii codes).

Autotap is decent, but like I said, sometimes some stuff is off and it has a very slow refresh rate, but it is definitely decent.
Autotap is great. It's pretty much all that we use on the Grand Prixs. You can log runs, select only the parameters that you want to see, etc.

Well worth the money.
Anyone have on near the Chicago area? I have a lean problem that I just can't figure out.
I was in southern Illinois, now I'm in Memphis, TN. I might be in chicago july 31st. We might be able to hook it up then
let me know please. I really need to get this figured out. I will take you out to lunch or something.
If you log this, log the ST FT's. If you can't figure out WHY it's lean, we can "lie" to it and make it right by tricking it. It is not the right way but if you can't figure it out...monitor both sides.

Log load as well. This will tell me stuff. Also log LT FT's
thanks Alberto. I will be sure to log LT FT's, ST FT's, and load.
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