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I'm having problems with my autolamps.

99% of the time they seem to work in automatic. However, sometimes only the headlamps go out. The park lamps and instrument lamps stay lit. If I cycle the switch between automatic/off/automatic, the problem goes away for the moment.

I don't think this is a problem with the autolamp switch or photosensor because only the headlamps are affected, not the other lamps that are controlled by these same parts. I'm thinking it is a control relay that is going bad.

I reviewed the common autolamp issues in the Topic Finder and some other posts.


Does someone have an electrical diagram of the autolamp/headlamps that includes the pin-out of the GEM?

I'm guessing that if I test it, it will check out ok. Since it only happens intermittently, I'd like to be ready to catch it again when it happens. I'll probably just replace the relays anyway if I can find another GEM to scrouge it from.
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