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I own a 1996 model taurus with 140,000 km (3.0 litre Duratec motor).

I do not use my car to tow. I have read numerous posts about the autos giving out (scary stuff really!
). Could you guys please advise me about HOW I can give my auto tranmission the best chance of long term survival? For example can I (and should I?) fit an oil cooler for the auto if I do not use it to tow. Many thanks, Codydog

I'd say it varries. I got about 65k miles on mine, while I have seen others get 160+ k miles.

-To extend the life of your transmissoin:
-add an auxilary trans cooler
-use synthetic fluid
-add a magnafine inline filter (no one has mentioned these lately
-shift kit (this is to be installed during a rebuild, so dont worry about this now)
-flush your fluid every 30k or when it needs to be replaced, whichever comes first.
-You can also take samples and have them analyzed and that can give you a clue of how your transmission is running.
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