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Another month.... ANOTHER CHANCE TO TAKE IT ALL!!!

Anyone can submit, you don't even have to have a super fancy decked out car! Generally the entrants have modified their cars, but anyone can enter.

PLEASE SUBMISSIONS ON THIS THREAD ONLY! I will not include any submissions started as a new thread and will just delete those threads.

Click Here to View the Submission Rules

Voting begins the 15th and ends at the end of the month! There are room for up to 8 entries, first come first serve! If all 8 are filled before the 15th, voting will start as soon as the slots are filled.


Any other talk or banter will be deleted. Please only ONE post per entrant! However feel free to submit many pictures (specify voting picture) and give a backstory or tell about your modifications if applicable.

You MUST post at the very least 3 pictures. 2 of the exterior(an angled front shot, and an opposite rear shot), and 1 of the interior. The car should be clean, and the photos should be of good quality in good weather. Old pictures are fine as long as they represent your car the way it currently sits.

The winner of this months car of the month will be promoted on the websites home page for a month!

You can only do this one time: If you actually are reading all of this stuff I'm writing, PM SAM and tell him you're reading it and he'll give you a free 25 days of premium membership. If you already have a premium membership then he'll jump you up to 20 days platinum membership. If you already have a platinum membership, then thank you very much for reading and feel free to PM him and let me know you did!

The winner will also receive a 1 year FREE Premium Supporter subscription to the site! This means no advertisements, and a forum where only supporters may converse.

Please remember to read the rules which are stuck at the top of the Car of the Month forum. Remember, more than just Tauruses and Sables are accepted in this contest! A few other similar Ford cars are. Check the rules to find out!

You will also be entered in the 2014 COTY contest. The winner of that will win a LIFETIME PLATINUM membership!

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Dave's 2012 SHO

^Voting picture please.

Modification List
Livernois 3 Bar Dynotune
Livernois Windstorm Intake
Livernois Even Flo Thermostat
Motorcraft Iridium SP534 Spark Plugs
Blow Off Valves Vented to Atmosphere
Noisemaker Delete
PPE Off Road Pipes
Corsa Exhaust
Tinted Headlights
Tinted Auxiliary Parking Lights (Done after pictures)
50% Window Tint
Tinted Rear Reflectors
Tinted Red Surround SEL Tail Lights
De-Badge Deck Lid
De-Badge C Pillars
13-14 SHO Fender Ornaments
Gloss Black Vinyl Window Surround Wrap
Eibach Pro Kit Springs
TSW Vortex Wheels 20 X 8.5
Firestone Firehawk Wide Ovals 255/20/45
Centric Premium Rotors
EBC Yellowstuff Pads

353.61 WHP/435.78 WTQ
12.527 @ 109.75

This is by far my favorite (and fastest) car I have ever owned. And, I have owned quite a few including five other Tauruses. I carefully researched and chose my modifications to appear subtle and have had my share of failed experiments. Thanks for looking!

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OPEN TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT WON IN SINCE LAST YEAR............. get submissions in!

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1998 ford Taurus SE. I Installed another ax4s trans. Fuel pump replaced too. This school year I should be driving it
* voting pic*
ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144601.565128.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144699.399651.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144722.762361.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144746.393207.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144787.153482.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144811.670610.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144837.005226.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144857.910070.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144885.667906.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144928.557257.jpg

ImageUploadedByAG Free1408144956.409277.jpg

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Voting will start on the 20th no matter how many people we have........ get submissions in!!!

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Being that 2 submissions is not going to cut the mustard, here is my Duratec powered 2001 Sable Premium Wagon. She's been a workhorse. We've had our ups and downs but she's still here and kicking! It has been turned into my wife's DD driving 60 miles a da for work and I've used it on occasion when my work van decided to take a crap.

Here she was in my driveway the day I bought her in June 2011

Since that day I've done a LOT of work to her. I did UIM/LIM gaskets, replaced the 3rd cat after finding it was clogged, plugs and wires along with a coil pack to get rid of a P0301. Recently I replaced the front/rear ball joints, inner/outer tie rods.

She's been the family and the 'stuff' hauler many times

Kind of an old picture but I'll get new ones tomorrow.....
I was tired of looking at the plain old cluster so I figured I'd paint the surround

After a little while I wanted to have some better sound so I picked up a complete Mach setup. I adapted my stock mounting plate to the Mach amp and added the tweeters.

Then I did 20% tint to the rear windows.

I had the Tbird rims on it and decided I wanted to dip them and the front grille

After doing a lot of back and forth I finally decided to put the car in the back yard and fix it up to get it for reliable DD use and sell my old Tbird. My 2 year old even helped me :)

At that point I replaced the rear strut rod bushings, the oil pan gasket, the trans mount and rear motor mount. After all that work I put it back on the road.

And the voting shots....

Here's a link to my Project thread that's pretty much outlined all I've done to my Bull over the last 3 years!

And with that we have 3 submissions........ look for the voting thread.
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