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Audio Channel Problems

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I have an odd problem. I have the factory radio from my 98 SE Taurus. It does not have a CD changer. The problem is that when I try playing tapes in the deck, the left channel only drops out, and sometimes is not there at all. I thought it might be all audio, but the radio plays the left channel fine. It's only when I listen to tapes. I've tried all different kinds of tapes to see if maybe I just had a 1-channel only recording, but all tapes do this. When I first noticed it, I panned all the sound to the left channel and there was nothing. I tried pressing the Dolby NR button and it gave me a signal, but it is VERY weak. Anybody else have this problem or know what I can do besides just revamping my sound system? Thanks.
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Did you try cleaning the head? They get dirty over time. I think the cleaning cassettes are pretty dirt cheap at Wal-Mart. Or you could use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.
If it is not your tape head, or head unit it could be a connection along the way. The tape signal is the only audio signal which goes from the head to the rcu.
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