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I just did a compression test on an engine that is leaking coolant on the outside. Here are the numbers:

cyl compression
1 140
2 155
3 135
4 140
5 125
6 165

So the biggest difference is the #5 and #6 cylinders at 125 and 165 PSI.

I don't know too much about gas compressions (know more on Diesel) but are these ok?

A little background... there is NO visible steam out the tail pipe. The car misses when first started for the day and then runs fairly smooth. I hear a slight irregularity at the exhaust once warm if I listen REALLY close.

The car leaks coolant externally just above the water pump I believe. It's dripping on the passenger side catalytic converter (I think that's what it is).

Anyways, any idea on the compressions?

btw the car had the intake manifold off so WOT (wide open throttle) wouldn't apply here.
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