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would you mind forwarding me that PDF file from Andrew?

Thank you! Very helpful.

I'm trying to diagnose why my Heated/Cooled seats no longer work (both side). It was an intermittent issue, but now they are permanently not working. I've tested the fuse and it's fine. When I press the touchscreen, they show they are on, but I'm lacking that "click" I get from the pass side dash area when they actually go on.

Around page ~376 goes into detail about DTC's for the Dual Climate Controlled seat module, and even gives codes, however it states a scan tool is needed to pull them. I have Forscan with an MScan equipped interface. I wonder if I can pull codes using that. I want to say yes....

But thanks again, this info gives me enough information that I can try and troubleshoot this on my own before caving in and having the dealer look at it.

If anyone knows how to use ForScan to pull the DCSM codes, let me know.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts