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Anyone Want To Sell Their K&n Filter

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i want to get a k&n filter

i need one that will fit my 93 taurus
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Post this in the WTB section.
You talking about a panel filter or a cone filter?
im talking the panel filter for a 93 taurus, i did my research in my k&n book that i have and see what the dimensions were from year to year
Did you get my pm?
It would also be helpful to include what engine you have...I think the panel filters differed based on engine size.
I have a K&N panel that fits the Gen 1/2 SHO stock airbox....which I "think" was the same for all Tauri over those years. I no longer have the original box so I don't know the p/n. Cleaned & oiled if anyone is interested. Email me.
the k&n for a 91 sho is not the same

k&n number 33-2040 for 91 sho

K&n number 33-2024 for all regular taurus's excludes sho

i got the numbers out of my k&n book that K&N sent me
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