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As for NY rust belt and other states that salt roads. I have been in the rust belt 31 years. But, the worst rusting I ever had was in the midwest. I drove about 40 miles each way to work. Parked in my attached garage. It was not cold inside. It was handy as the car was not cold to start out, no frost on the windshield, etc. But everything sweatted in the above freezing garage.

One issue with rust worth remembering. Metal does not rust much below freezing. Warm it up a bit and the salt attracts moisture and rusting sets in. Being in a garage that is outside temperature may be ok or just sitting outside helps rust being delayed.

Under car wash is a disaster. In fact, I normally do not wash my cars during winter. I would only wash one when I am going to be driving it long enough to throually dry all the water off, inside the doors and such.

I defrost my cars of a morning with a professional hand held hair dryer placed in the front seat and aimed at the winshield. I have an extension cord plugged in all winer ready to plug the hair dryer in. 1750 watts, safety protected and cost me $2 at a garage sale.

Oh yes, under car washing will really rust the rotors. Been there done that.:angry:

I agree 100%...... I never park my cars inside agarage in the winter here in Ohio. I also dont wash the wagon through the winter as much as it bothers me to see the wagon dirty. I agree also with the thought that the constant washing and temp changes in a garage will help a car rust out faster.
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