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Anybody Out There With An Old Crutchfield?

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Hey guys, a friend of mine needs help. He has a Mazda (cousin to Ford?) Millenia that takes 6x8's in door like our Gen3's, but we need to know how deep of a speaker will fit.

I know Crutchfield used to have a fitment guide with maximum speaker depths in their catalogs but they don't any more.

Any help would be aprecieated, thanks
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This month's Crutchfield has a fittment guide, but the millenia isn't on it. Have you tried the Crutchfield website?
*edit* '99 Mellenia

On the website they simply say none of their 6x8's will fit. I may have to call them directly to get the mounting depth from them.
The sad thing is- their database is not really accurate.

I've called them a few times asking them to update some applications I've tried, but no dice.

They're right more often than not, but not always.

Just an FYI.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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