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So, I have this receiver, and I got a great deal on it at work.

It was working great and had a decent amount of output for my application (apt)

However, after moving and taking it out of storage it no longer worked. I took it apart, and something spilled on one of the boards (or a cat peed on it.. not sure).

It is the top circuit board; has all the digital connections attached to it; a few ribbons, one that goes to the display. I believe this board is ruined due to the spillage that occurred. The receiver powers on, all the relays click, but the display does not light, and there is no output. This board is labeled "DIGITAL"

I am wondering if anybody here has one of these receivers that is no longer working (I have read about numerous cold solder problems around relays so I figure I might as well find out if someone has a broken one around). I would like to find just this board, and try installing it to see if i can bring my receiver back to life. If anybody has any ideas, or a part, please let me know.

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