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Hi all, I have for a long time admired the superb V6 found in Generation 1 & 2 SHO models.

I know that the inlet manifold can be turned 180 degrees for a RWD application and that is what I plan to do to a Middlebridge Scimitar GTE which I don't think has never graced the shores of the US.

It was manufactured from 1988 to 1990 and fitted with a Cologne V6 in 12 valve form with either a Type 9 manual or an A4LD auto. From research already I have discovered that the SHO will match up to both the A4LD and to MT75 or T5 manual boxes.

On checking various forums and websites I have found references to ATX and MTX which I know means Auto and Manual.

As I plan to transfer to a North-South location as opposed to the normal East-West layout does it mater if I buy an ATX engine and mate it to a manual box or match an A4LD to an MTX? apparently the gudgeon pins on the ATX are bigger by 1 mm but does that matter? What other differences are they between manual/autos apart from the pistons and water pumps that are important to consider?

Another query is do I look at the earlier 3.0 litre or is the the 3.2 litre a better bet? Would I have any problems just buying an engine or should I consider shipping a complete salvage Taurus to the UK?(obviously an engine will cost less in freight charges)

I notice that the engine is unique in having a cambelt and timing gears and chains The belt I understand and would naturally replace as per a 60K but what of the chains and sprockets? are they a need to change other than if I go for different cams?

Can anyone give me some engine dimensions, such as height,width etc or point me in the right direction ?

Sorry for all the questions and hope I haven't upset anyone on here, but I really want to do this as it would be a first in a Scimitar and probably a first in the UK too

Waiting in anticipation, TeeinChina
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