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I've got a '02 Vulcan. It has started using a little water, about 8 oz per 1,000 miles. The overflow tank is showing a brownish discoloration around the top hose next to the cap. The coolant looks green for the most part. It's time to change the anitfreeze and I have a few questions:

1. Is there any particular part that could be rusting, causing the brownish stain in the overflow tank?
2. There may be a leak around the lower radiator hose where is connects to the water pump. I haven't had time to investigate thoroughly yet. I do know that there is no heater core leakage and no white smoke in the exhaust.
3. What is the latest preferred brand of antifreeze to use?
4. What brand of flush is recommended to clean out the system before I replace the antifreeze.

1. Yes the impeller for the water pump is probably rusting and will eventually dissolve into nothing. Known issue caused by cooling system neglect.

2. That is probably from the weep hole on the water pump, check to be sure. If you find water coming out of it replace the water pump.

3. I use Zerex, but Prestone and others are good. I don't use pre-diluted and run about a 70/30 coolant/water mix

4. ONLY the Clinton flush, its been mentioned here about 1.6 million times. Its in the topic finder.
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