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Another Day Gone.....man Its Alot Of Work

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Well monday i got my old deck into the new bull along with running the RCA's and power wire for the new amp. I also finished the Custom fiberglass sub box and installed the light into the glovebox that was dis-contented in 99.


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pic of the inside of the shop. My bull on the right and my bud's 89 RX-7 he is refinishing and shaving EVERYTHING off....even door handles.


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your box looks very clean.. i hope your car is up and running like the old, but better asap!
Thats snow on your car right? You made that sub box? how much did you cost you so far? Sorry about all the questions but im curious
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yes thats snow....frikin rochester....

yes i made the subbox, theres another post showing other pictures of it in the process of being made.

I have 1.5 gal or resin and about 45 sq/ft of glass into it which equals about $75.00 plus a few buckets, ruber gloves, tax, wood and the like...im up over $100.

With carpet were talkin a few bucks more. (In this case i had carpet kickin around from the last few sub boxes i created, so it was free along with the spray glue.)
Does this mean you'll never going to be able to put anything in your trunk again, or are you going to build little cages over the subs (or use stiff grills?)
no....next week im buildign a false floor.....trunk and fold down seats will be fully functional...thats why i did this box.

Ill will be hiding 2 subs, 2 batteries, and 2 amps...should be hot!

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