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Amp Proplem

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we installed an amp in my friends car and everythings hooked up right.. the only thing im not sure about is the REM i hooked it up to the auto-antena coming off the radio ( i think it was it was the only wire not being used and there was a wire of the same color on the adapter that had auto-antena on it) but the problem is it doesnt work and if you turn it up real loud you hear little bits of it comeing in and out. but we have a power light on but turns off when you disconnect the RCA's and dims a lil when you disconnect the power. could this be a ground issue? or what? we have a ground but not sure how good it is
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Where is the amp grounded at? Take sand paper and just rub it all over the area where you want to ground your amp. Keep this up untill it is very shiney.

Next make sure you have your positive and negativ, and REM wires hooked up to the right terminals on the amplifier. This is very odd that the power light only dims a bit when you remove the power cable.

What kind of amplifer is it ?

Good luck, let me know how you make out and if i have any more ideas i 'll poset em
ya thx it was the ground we used a volt meter found a good ground and now its all good...thx
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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