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American Motorsport - Group Purchase

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I am gauging interest in a group purchase. Depending on the number of people that sign on, I will offer a proportional discount on chips or reflashes.

Who is interested?
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I may be able to reburn it. Send me a note.
I replied. Please reply back via e-mail as I check that more often

[email protected]
for anyone who has bought Aptens chip, i have a question, cause i can't remember, but did the chip have some plastic jacks to plug something that seems would clip in on the bottom? and are they diablo delta blanks? and are they black? i think they are but i can't remember.
OK, I have gotten some e-mails and when added with those who posted on here, we have enough people for the GP!

Price will be $25 dollars off the list price. That's $300 plus $15 s/h for each stockish n/a car chip. This included one chip with a custom program for each customer.

Everyone else doing the GP, you can start submitting your orders and payment so that I may start working on the files. Please write an e-mail to [email protected] and write TCCA Group Purchase on the title so I know to give you the discounted rate.

I will then send a custom program sheet to each of you to fill out.

Anyone who has not expresses their interest onthis site can still join by sending the e-mail as above.

I can start shipping each order as soon as each chip is done.

Bob, you should have your EEC tommrrow.
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I would be highly interested in one of these chips, if i could get some data on them.. as in specifics on what performance increases (numerical data) i could expect???
Like I mentioned, although you get some power increase from these chips, as evidenced by Dan's car and others I have worked on, the main performance benefits form these chips come from the enhanced engine braking, improved throttle response, enhanced automatic transmission performance and overall pep. You also get the fans sooner to have the car run cooler, optimized a/f, optimized timing for more power, firmed up transmission shifts, optimized shift points, Revises torque converter function to eliminate shudder and allow it to run cooler and other tuning tweaks. The chip will also remove the speed limiter, faster manual downshifs, etc.

However, for 1996 and newer, I'd guess you get about 10fwhp...with premium.
Hehe. he can do amazing things... 10 Rear Wheel Horsepower on a FWD vehicle

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Originally posted by dant98@Feb 7 2004, 06:56 PM
Hehe. he can do amazing things... 10 Rear Wheel Horsepower on a FWD vehicle

Sorry, force of habit.
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