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So, my A/C quit a while back, had to replace the accumulator/hose. Not being equipped for A/C repair, I take it to my local (reputable but pricey) shop.

I asked them to do the fuel filter while it's in there, I didn't have time to take care of it (I know, 10 minute job).

They forgot. I forgot to check the bill for it (it's not on the bill). I ended up with a no-start today, scratching my head for while. Then I checked for fuel pressure with a rag and screwdriver at the Schrader valve on the fuel rail - nothing. Not a peep of fuel came out. Took a look at the fuel filter and - what do you know, it's a crusty old thing. Popped over to the local parts place and picked up a filter.

10 minutes later and she's purring like a weasel.....

Always double-check your mechanics bill!!
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