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Altezza's For G4's

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I think we were just waiting on pricing... somebody will have to repost pics...
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one red light - braking a little
two red lights - braking alot
three red lights - holy crap I'm gonna hit someone
four red lights - my wife's driving the car
IF you put in an Altezza - style light for the Gen III, you would probably want to paint the back trunk piece. having the smoked plastic from the old lights would not fit in well at all with the clear plastic altezzas.

At least that's my opinion
hey biglurch, on a complete sidenote: it's spelled Veni, Vidi Vici. I don't know if you meant to have it misspelled or not.

Nice altezza's. Definitely like them blacked-out rather than the plastic / chrome-esque.
1 - 3 of 70 Posts
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