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I read the jump on the EZ Topic Finder list under DOHC and he is right about most of what he said. The whole thing is a PITA. I removed most of what he said because I am removing the engine*. The battery wire from the Alternator can be accessed by reaching down just fwd of the firewall and using a 10 mm wrench then spinning it off with your fingers. The problem I had was how to get the alternator out once it is free. I spun it and twisted it and turned it and discussed its genealogy. It is time to go pick up the wife, so I came in and cleaned my hands and will go pick her up shortly. I wanted to see how to get the !)@$& out of the area. Usually I can figure it out, but it is hard when you are tired (also, it is 92 and I am in no shade).

My question is: Why does ford make everything so dang hard to get at and why can't Haynes and Chilton not make a book that actually helps you do what you are wanting to do. Thank God for TCCA.

Now I need to go figure out the motor mounts.
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