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Alternator Questions

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Alright, I'm running 700 Watts RMS for my subwoofers, been running that since december. Now, My alternator kicked the bucket this afternoon. Question is, can I get a higher output alternator than what I have now? My current one is stock, putting out 130 Amps. Is their anyway I can get one putting out more like 160-180, and would this help, cuz I have been having some charging system problems lately. I'm not well acquianted with alternators, so any help would be appreciated.
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Try this site:


They sell the regular alternator for $136, but they also have a high output one that does 200 amp, no idea what it goes for though.
I doubt if the alternator was your problem. It was probably ready to go at any rate. What is the input amp rating of the amplifier? That is the number that counts, not the output power.
Well I cant seem to find the input amp rating, the only amp number I know of off hand is the fuse, and thats 60 amps.
That's is close probably 25% above the actual rating WHEN the amp is at full output and WHEN it is getting the rated voltage. Is it rated at 12V or 14.4V as far as input power?

What size wire do you have going to the amp? If you upgrade the alternator then you will need to upgrade the main cables. I would upgrade the main cables before getting a high capacity alternator. 60 A is not really that much considering you have a 130A alternator. The car with all accessories will maybe use 50A maximum. There are really very few times that you need the full output of a 130A alternator and if you did use that much all the time you would be burning up the small 6 ga wire used to connect the alternator output to the main fuse box.

The best thing you can do is to upgrade the alternator to main fuse box wire to 4ga. And the main fuse box to starter to battery to 2 ga. Then run 4 ga back to the amp from the starter side of the main fuse box mega-fuse. And get a high capacity deep discharge battery like the Odyssey PC 1200.
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I believe it is rated at 14.4 V <_<

I have 8 ga running to the amplifier. So what ur saying is to upgrade the charging system wiring before looking into a higher capacity alternator? And a battery, how much would that oddyssey battery run me? I was looking into a Optima Yellow top, Oddessey any better/ cheaper?
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