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Alignment Problem

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I just had my alignment checked on my 01 'tec and they said that the front-left camber is out of alignment. They also said that Ford does not provide a way for them to adjust easily so they must drill out the welds at the top of the shock tower, move it slightly, then reweld it in place. They said the other side had a toe-in adjustment needed, but that is standard process.

Does this sound right to you guys?
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My car was in for an Alignment and they just broke those top plates loose and I don't think they have been rewelded, Just tightened the bolts.
They are correct in saying the camber in non-adjustable. The top plates can be moved and rewelded. That is probably the easiest method.

My '99 'tec had (has) camber problems. The right side top plate was mounted incorrectly from the factory. I have lowered the car and had trouble aligning it properly. I've been working on it though.

Check here Camber Adjustment
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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