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Airbag Light Getting Annoying

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i was wondering if anybody knew what code"64" is...i have been having troble finding it...the airbag light with flash and then stay on after it has ran its code...but the weird thing is, is it does it when ever...sometimes it goes a week and nothing happens...then the next week it always going on..help me please
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I assume you have a 2000 Duratec SES?
yeah sry
I was was "haunted" by intermittant airbag codes and it wound up being a marginal battery ground connection.
Check your negative battery terminal and the ground. It's typical for a poor ground to cause lights like that. As a matter of fact, it occured with me yesterday. I had a new battery installed 2 days ago, Sears did a sloppy job with the ground, and my ABS and Air Bag light came on.
Hey cool man!! I just tried that... I think it just fixed my problem

You guys are all-right!!!
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okay i'll give it a shot..thanks
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