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Just taking advantage of regular events. I make this drive couple times a week.
I drive this run, ~1/2 mile to the interstate and ~5 miles at 65 mph. I do this in the AM on low traffic days. Go to Walmart first, ~1.5 miles back local roads to Sams club, and next door Tops grocery, and then home. Happened to have the air dam off the car do work on fog lights so did toady run without air dam.
Starting coolant temp is overnight in driveway, Air time near steady, light rain all week so little change over time. I only charted the early part of the run, both reached steady temp with the auto climate on both times. At about 4 miles total reached 181/183 F. This car only reaches that and level after.
Shows a little faster warm up to temp the car gets to making warm climate in the cabin.
My take: likely in very cold weather makes larger difference.
I grease the screws when I get a used Bull, and use my quarter inch impact to remove/install. Takes a few minutes.
Just sharing.


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