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Aftermarket Stereo. Speakers?

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I am planning on adding a MP3 CD Player to my Gen3 Sable. My question is, will all 6 speakers work? I have the 6 speaker setup with the two in the back and 4 in the front (highs mounted by the mirrors, lows in the door). Is there a cross over somewhere in the car that controls the front speakers?

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the two tweeters in the door sails have an inline highpass filter on them, and are tied into the front speakers. I have a complete aftermarket system, except for the sail tweeters, and they still work fine. You can replace the door speakers without worrying about affecting them.
you have the rotary climate controls, right? if you have the digicontrols - forget it. It's not impssible, just alot of work. For the rotary, you obviously have to either get the metra or scoche kit, then bypass your factory amp in the trunk (the directions should come with the kit, i think). then, it's just a matter of taking your HVAC controls out of your old stereo, outting then into the new faceplate, then wiring up your new HU. Not too bad, as long as you know your basics on how to wire up a stereo.
I have to disagree about the kits. I have had both kits in my car, and I personally like the scoche kit MUCH better. The Metra kist uses stickers for the HVAC control labels! My opinion is that you look at them both and pick for yourself.

EDIT: I, however, DO agree with Twilight about the speakers. Within a week of putting in your new HU, you'll want new speakers. You can't fight it. The dark side is just too strong.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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