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Aftermarke Sunroof

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I would like to add a sunroof to a 2000 Taurus. My questions are:

How much will this cost?
What brands/shops should I look at?
What are my chances of having a leak? Or is this a thing of the past?
Will it be able to retract like a factory installed one?
Any additional things I should be aware of?
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http://www.webasto.com/home/en/homepage.html these people make the moonroofs for many manufactures. You can have one which retracts like the factory one. You can also have other different types depending on what you want.

For leaking, I'm not to familiar with this area. I'm sure when the installer installs it, they have a little drain which goes around the entire moonroof assembly and has a water tube which goes down the A-pillar. This is what I read on a website, dont know- every installer/moonroof could be different.
There are basically two different types of aftermarket sunroofs, the pop-up/removeable ones which should run around $300 or less and the power sliders which normally run $500 or more. The power roofs will not slide back into the roof like the factory ones, they will slide up and over the roof like alot of the smaller import cars have. Any competent shop will be able to do a nice install, just shop around to get the best price/product..
Go with Webasto. We had a Webasto aftermarket moonroof installed in our 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan ES, and its an awesome moonroof (has pull back cover, the glass either vents, or slides all the way into the roof, yes I said into the roof). The Webasto in the mini. also has 2 personalized settings if you may have a particluar spot you like it at other then full vent or full open. It also has a wind deflector built in so you dont get any droning. Also it has a saftey reverse incase something may be in the way. Last but not least the best part is when you shut off the car, the moonroof closes automatically keeping your car protected either from nature or people.


Forgot to add that it was fairly exspensive like $850 installed. The dealer we bought the van at sent it into a shop to have it done, may want to ask a dealer what company they send there vehicles to for such stuff. Leaks from what I understand are a thing of the past unless you get an incompetent installer.
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do a search...as there is another thread on this subject.

search is your friend!

ASC is the only one id ever consider.


If I didn't get one on my SEL, I'd be happy with a vista window-- something the size of a moonroof or a bit bigger, that didn't open or pop up at all. It would be just a big window, with a shade inside.

This is because 1) leaks would be easier to manage or eliminate and 2) I open my moonroof from time to time, but generally just to let the hot air out before I turn the A/C on. And sometimes on a warm night, it is kinda cool to have it open.

But I could get by with just a "window" very easily. I wonder if that would be much cheaper than a moon roofl
I think a power roof is worth the $$$. Push a button and you're enjoying the cool night air with the moon shining in. Nothing like it. In my Mustang GT, you had to take the darn thing out and put it back in. It was a pain.
I really wanna put one in my car. One of my friend's had a Chrysler Sebring w/ a power roof on it, and it was really nice. That, and my other car is a Mustang convertible, so it'd be kind of nice to get a little bit of the open roof experience that I enjoy so much on the pony when I"m driving the bull. I asked at my local Ford dealership, and they told me there's no shops in my area that install them, and that it would probably cost at least $1000 when I could find some place to do it.
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