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After 5 Years Of Ownership And No Accidents.......

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I have owned my 1998 Taurus SE for about 5 years now and have had no accident or have not had anyone hit it. Well the streak ended today. I was at CompUSA and was inside for a total of 5 minutes when I heard my alarm going off. I ran outside to see nothing but my lights flashing. There were no cars around mine since I parked way out and I did not see anyone speeding away. As I walked up to the car I noticed that someone had clipped my driver's side rear bumper. Didn't really hit it but just bumped and scrubbed it enough to rip all the damn paint off. Anyways, I'm pretty pissed and really wished I would have been out there when the a****** tried to pull away. I'll never understand why people are so inconsiderate. It probably will not cost all that much but its the principle of the fact. Heres some pics of the damage.

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had my 96 run into in the parking lot a coupld years ago, my alarm alerts me if it was set off while I was gone, and it said it was, so who ever the SOB was, they know they hit my car. no prob, I was able to buff out all the damage, as if it never happened. I want frikken forensics for these cases, we have the paint, we can find them. put them away for life, there is no excuse for that kind of crap
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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