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Hello All,

Been scouring the site for threads on this. I cannot seem to get a straight answer so I figured I would ask here and create a thread instead of reviving an old one.

I have always wanted to have a moonroof for my bull and figured I'd just have to live without one because I DO NOT want to go aftermarket, I would want ONLY factory parts. The other thing is that I absolutely would not want to do a roof transplant. That is in no way feasible. I have read that there would be issues as far as structuring and support if I cut the hole in my roof. Also, I never got a clear answer regarding the draining.

But since I would love to have a moonroof, and have access to a 2003 SEL in the yard that has one, is there absolutely any way possible to take the factory parts as well as the headliner and put them into my car? I mean if aftermarket ones can be put in, why would I be unable to put a factory one in? Seems like the same idea... just using original parts made specifically for the car. Or at least, I think.

I have someone who may help me out with the installation if it is possible. He built his house, 3 decks, etc. He is handy and I would trust him helping me with it, so if it can be done, I'll look into this. I'd also make a template from the junk car to help with my installation. I am just weary of cutting a hole in my roof without being 100% certain this will work.

Let me know what you guys think. Would I be biting off more than I can chew? I'll only do this if I can do factory parts since it'll be easy on the wallet. If not, it is no big deal... was just an idea. Thanks in advance. :)
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