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Well, Monday night around 10:40PM I went to go get gas. After I got gas I was driving home. On the my trip home I had to make a left to go back. So I got in the left hand turn lane, glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed there was a "bigger" car behind right on my tail. So when I fuller got into the lane I slow down nice and easy. Here is a little info I am not sure how the left hand turn lights are in other states but some of the left hand turn lights in Michigan go (Top to Bottom) Red Arrow (Stop) Flashing Yellow Arrow ( Yield ) Solid Yellow (Stop it is going to green) (The Yellows are One Light) Green Arrow (Go). The arrow I had was a flashing yellow I come to crawl no more than 5 MPH almost coming to complete stop because the way the road is angled it doesn't come to a perfect 90 Degrees probably more shallow like 60 degrees it has kind of a blind intersection due to the shrubs on the corner. Then BAM, I got rear ended. I did the usually got out. "Are you okay?" She was fine. (I was fine also) I Pulled in to the gas station exchanged information. Then I decided to car the police because I wanted the at fault driver to receive a ticket for her negligence. When I saw what car she was driving it wasn't much of a car it was a 2006 Chrysler Pacfica. Her car maybe had a FEW scratches. My car is an 2004 Sable Ls Almost 76k Miles. If you look at both cars bumpers they are almost dead even. But my damage consist of above my bumper, more on the trunk lid. Which indicates to me that she was accelerating because we all know when you accelerator your weight transfers backwards making the front higher. Anyways enough physics here is the interesting part the pictures.

Doesn't look to bad on the top but the quarter is dented the drivers side if you take both fist and put them together it is about that size.

Both Tail light lenses cracked. They are also kind of pushed out where they are flush with the body.

Foam under nether bump is in about 3 different pieces.

Where the bumper attaches onto the side of the car is pushed down a couple inches on both sides. Along that the bumper is cracked.

Trunk Lid Smashed

The worst damage I can see is that the whole where the trunk going is smashed in so the the latch part is forward about 4 inches. The trunk is a little distorted. I think the drivers side took the hit the the denting the quarter and where the trunk over laps it is smashed a little while the passenger side looks to be pulled a little.

If you look you can see where my bumper is suppose to attach it is about 4-5 Inches forward.

I have collision I am suppose to have an estimate tomorrow.

I apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes. Don't flame.
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