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Hey folks! First, let me say thanks for all the great information you guys put of on this forum, it's REALLY helpful!!

I've got an odd issue maybe you can help me with...

On my 2005 Sable, if it has been sitting out in the cold, the accelerator will stick for about the first 5 minutes. For example, when I get in the car after work and it's been sitting in the cold all day, I start it up and then when I pull out of my spot, the accelerator is really hard to push, like it's stuck. If I push hard, it kinda pops free and then works normally. I drive across the parking lot and stop to turn on the road. When I go to turn, it does it again. I drive a block down the road and stop at a light. When I go to turn at the light, it does it again. After about that amount of time, it doesn't do it again the rest of the way home.

In the morning, if I go out and start the car ahead of time and it runs for 5-10 mins, it never does it. So, I'm thinking it is somehow temperature dependant.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance for your help!


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^^^^ +1

Also remove the snow shield and carefully inspect the cable / linkage for any binding as a friend pushes / releases the gas pedal.
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