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BACKGROUND: '03 Sable-Duratec Engine
AC drier hose was leaking so I successfully remove and replaced the unit. When replacing the low pressure switch, I didin't notice the o-ring has to be transferred to the new part. Result, the low presure switch leaked. Thought I needed to tighten it more to stop the leak. Didn't work. That's when I notice the o-ring on the old unit. Re-installed switch, still leaks, tried Teflon tape, still leaks. Apparently I stripped the plastic threads on the switch.
New switch is ordered. I probably replace the o-ring too.
How do I properly tightening the new switch so I don't run the threads down again? Hand tighten only? Hand tight, then a full turn by wrench?

Wasting a lot of time and 134a learning this. But still way ahead of the $535 from the dealer. It was my first time on an AC system. I should have paid attention to the fact the system wasn't holding vacuum. You live, you learn.
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