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So the other day I took the 2003 Taurus in to have the AC recharged for the first time. Of course t wasn't that easy. The drier / condenser line had a hole in it and therefore needed to be replaced. The shop wanted $350 to repair, without recharging. So I got the part on RockAuto.com for $50 and decided to put in myself. This is not a horribly difficult job but does have some tricks.

1. Have AC system evacuated.
2. Wait for engine to cool and remove the passenger headlight assembly.
3. Remove 1 bolt and 1 nut that secure the coolant overflow bottle and clamp off the large hose on the bottom of the overflow tank.
4. Remove the two smaller hoses that feed into the overflow bottle and tie out of the way.
5. You will spill some coolant so be prepared. Remove the coolant overflow bottle.
6. Loosen the clamp holding the drier / accumulator and disconnect the low pressure switch connector.
7. If you have a factory hose you need to remove the line clamp nut on the passenger side shock tower.
8. I disconnected the vacuum lines at the firewall at this point for better access to the springlock connector on the firewall.
9. Remove the springlock clamps by pulling them firmly.
10. You will need springlock removal tools which are available at harbor freight tools or at an autoparts store. Surprisingly the plastic tools work best forthis and are the least expensive. Simply slide over line and slide into spring fully and pull lines apart.
11. Not remove the old line, it will take some wiggling and turning but it will come out.
12. You new line will need a little prep. Remove AC low pressure switch and install on néw drier / accumulator. The o-rings will need a little bit of light oil before you press them together and the connection on the firewall will take a bit if sweat to pop in.
13. Once lines are connected be sure to replace the safety clips over the springlock connectors.
14. The rest is mainly the reverse of removal.

I think I have everything here to make it a bit easier for everyone.
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