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Friends, I know this has been mentioned here multiple times, however, nothing has been specific enough to answer all my questions. I have a 2001 Ford Taurus SEL (this has been a great car) with a Duratech V6 engine. Daughter drives it and said it wasn't cooling one day. I drove it, and it seemed to cool just fine....no problem. Took it to the Ford dealer and they said it had a bad clutch and needed replacement. Cost was around $700....$900 to replace the compressor if I wanted to go that route. No noise coming from the compressor until the other day...metal on metal....it's the clutch, I know it is. Anyway, I have decided that I will take the job on myself, but am undecided as to whether I want to just change the clutch or the whole compressor. The car has over 220k on it. I'm not concerned about evacuating the system and charging it....I can do that. If this was your car, what would you do....clutch only or whole compressor?

Also, I've read differing views on replacing the clutch only....drop the subframe or remove it as it sits. I am considering just changing the clutch if I can access it without dropping the subframe. Can someone confirm that the clutch can be changed without dropping the subframe on my particular car with this particular engine?

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