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It was Feb 12, 2003, time: sometime afternoon, location: downtown New Orleans, driver: my dad, car: 1999 Taurus SE purplish-blue/vulcan/floor shift/leather interior, condition: damn near perfect, miles: 105,333, other vehicle: 1996 Ford Ranger.

Moment of silence for a beautiful vehicle.....

For those that werent here back when I first came, he was behind a large SUV about to turn left and couldnt see if he had the left green arrow, so he went into the intersection, saw he didnt have the light, and also saw a white Ranged coming towards him. He floored it and yanked the wheel to the left to get parallel to the truck so as not to get t-boned. Too late and the left front of the Ranger hit the right front of the Taurus in front of the wheel. Swayed the front end over about 4-5 inches, air bags didnt go off. Of course the insurance totalled it out, bending back and/or replacing two LARGE frame rails isnt cheap
But they sold it back for $475 and we had a bit of fun with it lol

9 months later a tow truck came to take it away, only things left on it were the shell, wheels, and engine/trans. Most everything was stripped out of it lol


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