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A Show Sho...amazing Paint

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Finally...a show that can actually SHOW, not that i dont think it needs some engine mods.
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Ya--thats pretty sweet looking--possible best paint on a taurus I've ever seen
omg...i'm still drooooooling they got into the door jams tooo ugh OMG.


*passes out*
Wow, I got a seizure just by looking at it
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that cars a pos in real life. It was at the Autorama in Detroit since he's from metro detroit and he has no mods at all other than a K&N panel filter and a crappy paint job and shaved door handles. He said he had a chip that ran only on 94 octane sunoco gas and gave him 40 hp at the wheels. WHAT A TOOL!!!!
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Damn that's a hot paint job!! Even if it is slow, I'd take it any day!
i was also at the autorama that day and it was a very well done paint job no scratches or hazing just very glossy. Not my cup of tea as the paint job goes but I did not talk to him but nightrider did and told him about the club.

It was a nice car and that guy was putting alot of work into it Kudos to him.
It's pretty sweet looking from either side, but if you were to look at it from head on I think I'd be like...wtf? b/c it has two different paint schemes. I don't like that. I'm all about unity and simplicity when it comes to car design and paint and aftermarket stuff. The paint job does not look good on this car mostly because it doesn't flow together. It looks like a pretty nice car though..
I like the flame side, but the other side just doesn't work. If the car was all flame, then it would be awesome.
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