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A Good Sho Tire?

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I am looking to get some SUMMER ONLY tires for my SHO rims, and I am wondering what is a good name? I have Yokohamas on the rims now, and they seem decent. However, I hear Kumho is a pretty good name as well. Price is a factor as well. Keep in mind these tires will not see snow, EVER

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If no snow and price are the factors the Kuhmo Ecsta Supras are great.
You should try the ones I got. They give plenty of grip and in their advertising ads, their VERY good on wet roads.
The other day I tried spinning out around a corner and, their is so much grip, their wasn't even a chirp.
On a side note, I'm not sure I like not being able to do a burn out, unless it's raining <_<
And everyone who has seen them, likes them.
But I'm not sure if the price is cheap enough, I paid $174 each. Their were alot more expensive tires and cheaper one too. So these might be mid priced.
Tires- BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW I belive the D and W stand for dry and wet
So maybe the KDW stands for Killer in Dry and Wet
What kind of Yoko's do you have now?

I dont no your budget but I'd stick with Yokohama or Kumho if you want performance at a great price.

Yokohama AVS db S2 are sexy... but are around $90 a peice on TireRack

ECSTA KH11 Gives you the same performance if not better for $51 (except they wont even touch snow...but you dont need that

I enjoy my Yokohama Avid Touring tires i got on Tires.com tho, they were $55 a peice with free shipping, and there a better all around tire, and I think they have better dry traction..(but with Duratech Powah you always break them loose

DO NOT buy Michelin Pilots.....they SUCK HAIRY APPLES!!! My friend put them on his GTP, the tread lasts for s***...and we nudged a curb going 25 and it blew the tire out in an instant, they hold pebbles, suck on damp roads, suck in snow....they just...suck, specially at $180 a peice
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I have had BFG CompT/A ZR's, stock Goodyears and Dunlop SP8000. Both the Dunlops and BFG wore out at 20k. For the price Dunlops are good deal. I do run 225/50ZR-16 on my stock slicers. I don't have much of a gap between the tire and fenders because I have SS Linear springs that lowered the car some. My next set I plan to get BFG KDW's. I did install Kumho 712 in 225/55ZR-16 on my 1998 SHO. They do not grip as well as either the BFG or Dunlops and is noisier than either one.

I've liked any BF i've ridden on
...However i've had 2 sets of Dunlops and the belts have shifted <_< and the tread shredded off after a while...maybe they just cant handle salty northern winters. *shrug*

I am really bored....
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The General Exclaim is a great tire. They have great wet traction and they were a good price at $100 each. The tire has a really nice stance and look great on SHO slicers.
The first summer, I had the original Goodyear RSA's on yet, at 50k miles. They still handled great, but the tread was all but gone. I put BFG GeForce KDW's on last summer, they handled great, I'll be getting the SHO out to play this weekend, so we'll see how they held up in storage over the winter.
Nitto NeoGen's. They are much better than the BFG GeForce KDW's I had before.
The Hancooks I got last summer have done me just fine.
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